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Olympus Junior High School is part of the Eureka Union Elementary School District, which encompasses 14.8 square miles in Granite Bay and parts of Roseville. Olympus has an enrollment of more than 500 seventh and eighth grade students.
a collage readiness school Olympus Junior High School enjoys a reputation as having a strong academic program with a capable, caring staff and administration. Our vision encourages staff, community and students to work together developing responsibilities, integrity and an enthusiasm for learning.             
As a "College Readiness School" Olympus strives to prepare students to be successful in entering college and then the work force.
A Day in the Life of Olympus

A Day in the Life of Olympus

Ask Our Enthusiastic Staff ...

Ask Our Enthusiastic Staff ...

The following comments were made by staff when asked "Why Olympus?"

"Olympus is a phenomenal school for helping to develop all the aspects that make up a well-rounded and globally aware student. Test results prove our academic success, look around our campus and check out our teacher websites to see how we are integrating 21st century skills, becoming more globally conscious, and preparing our students to be leaders. There are also opportunities for band, choir, interscholastic sports, and so much more! The staff is 100% committed to doing what is right for the students and you can sense that compassion just by being on our campus."

"I also feel strongly about our spirit... HAIL SPARTANS!"

"The very first thing that comes to mind about reasons why one should attend Olympus is the simple yet vital fact that each one of us staff members truly wants to be teaching here at Oly. We like the kids, we like each other, we have fun, our positive outlook extends through our teaching to the students. Why not send your kids to a place where adults truly enjoy what they do and look forward to attending work each day?"

"Knowing and caring for our 'Olympus' kids. I am always amazed by how many teachers know so many of our students. Doesn’t matter if that student is in their class or not, the kids ALL belong to us. They are recognized, known and supported by MANY, not a few."

"With Challenge 21, one of our goals is to help students connect learning to a larger context beyond the classroom, lifetime learning. As a district, we strive to create an environment that cultivates academic rigor."

"We have a staff that makes decisions based on what’s good for kids, always!"

"We know that every kid can succeed, and have programs in place to help ensure that that happens."

"Math lab every day of the week and the new technology in our textbooks and in our classrooms."

"The school is so good that I am bringing my kids here!!"

"Compassionate, engaged, caring, dedicated teachers."

"Clearly defined expectations socially and academically."

"Solid boundaries for conduct."

"A climate of positive learning."

"Strong academic program (as illustrated in test scores)"

"Strong enrichments during and after school."

"A cohesive staff and administration which filters down to the student experience"

"Collaborative learning environment."

"Strong technology."

"Good music department."

"The teachers are all hard-working and enthusiastic about learning and teaching...that positive attitude impacts students every single day. It’s contagious."

"I personally believe that our District writing program is superior to any other. We are frequently complimented on how well prepared our students are by the high school. We go beyond the typical assignments outlined in our text book by supplementing writing instruction through year-long reading response journals, DBQs, and timed writing assessments."