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Back to School Night 2021

Classroom Presentations

Classroom Presentations

2021 Olympus Jr. High School
 Back To School Night Classroom Presentations
Welcome to our Virtual Back to School Night for Olympus Jr. High School!

Instead of having our parents try to switch between 5-6 different Zoom/Google meetings 10 minutes apart for Back to School Night, we have prepared a “Video-On-Demand” format for our Back to School Night presentations.  Below this message, you will find our menu of video presentations put together by your child’s teacher in each of their classes.  All you need to do is pick which videos you would like to view based on your student’s schedule.  You can watch them in any order and at any time that is convenient for you.

To view your child’s schedule, you will need to use your PowerSchool account to see the classes and the teachers your student has for each period.  If you have any questions for the teacher, you can find the teacher’s email address in PowerSchool or in our Staff Directory on the Olympus Website.

Please take a minute to watch this presentation from ESF and local TV anchor and district parent, Ty Steele. Eureka Schools Foundation Back to School Message.  The Eureka Schools Foundation is kicking off its fundraising efforts tonight! This message was produced with an in-person event in mind - so instead of stopping by their table to donate - go to anytime this week to make your donation and be entered to win one of 3 $100 Hawks gift cards. Winners will be notified by email. On behalf of the Eureka Schools Foundation, thank you for your donation that supports every student at every school! 

Please take some time to watch the Welcome to Olympus Jr. High School presentation.  This presentation covers information that applies to the entire school that teachers will not cover in their classroom presentations.

We hope you have a wonderful evening - and welcome Back to School!  HAIL SPARTANS!

Sean Healy, Principal
Jennifer Deslaurier, Assistant Principal
BTSN Presentation Video Link
Mr. Healy & Mrs. Deslaurier
Whole School
Eureka Schools Foundation (ESF)
Mrs. Blake
Life Skills
Mr. Conway
Integrated Science 7
Mrs. Brumfield
Positive Psychology
Mrs. Coppa, A
7th Grade Core
8th Grade Core
Positive Psychology
Mr. Coppa, R
Mrs. DeVries
Mrs. Ducharme
Course 2
Course 2 Access
IM 1
Mrs. Dunkle
Integrated Science 8
Mrs. Kite
Integrated Science 7
Integrated Science 8
Mrs. Lewis
8th Grade Core
Mr. Martinez
1-2 SDC 
3 Science (M)
4 English (M)
6 Soc. Studies (M)
Mrs. O’Brien
Mr. Scudder
Academic Lab
Mr. Sellarole
Mr. Shafto
Life Skills
Ms. Shaw
Environmental Stu.
Zero Period PE
Ms. Taylor
Mrs. Wainwright
Course 3
Advanced 7
Mrs. Washburn
Mrs. Wersky
Mrs. Willis
Acad. Lab
Math (M)
Mrs. Zatzke
Integrated Science 7
Integrated Science 8