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On behalf of the entire Olympus Junior High School staff, we want to welcome you to the Spartan Family!  All of us at Olympus look forward to providing a rich learning experience for your child both in and out of the classroom.  We have a tremendous number of opportunities for our students to explore and grow into productive young adults.  We have a number of after school sports and clubs available for students.  There are so many ways for our students to feel connected and involved in school.  School involvement = Academic Success!

Our teachers have a strong focus on providing rigorous instruction - challenging our students at a high level and providing support to students that need it.  Along with our high academic standards, we work very hard to help our students with the social and emotional aspects of their lives.   Our student-centered approach has helped us develop a positive school culture where students feel safe, respected, involved, and taken care of.  As I like to put it, we treat our students as human beings, not just humans doing...

This year we are again hosting the EQ Schools Conference at Olympus Jr. High School on Oct. 7-8.  This conference brings in over 400 educators from throughout the area to learn about integrating Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and Improv into K-12 classrooms through supporting teachers' well-being, providing them with concrete and practical tools, and creating a space for connection and collaboration.  Olympus is proud to lead the way in this very important, but often overlooked, area of education.

I, personally, want to thank everyone for their support in my years as Principal and for their support and encouragement as I served as California's representative for the Assistant Principal of the Year Award in Washington, DC. It was a tremendous honor to represent Olympus Jr. High School and the Eureka Union School District. I have only worked at one school in my career - Olympus - and I feel that the award is a reflection of our school, district, and community in which I serve.  -  National Association of Secondary School Principals Press Release

Olympus Jr. High School is excited to announce the evolution of its one-to-one program, which will expand the Chromebook program that has served the school well during the last four years.  When we adopted the Chromebook program, it was clear that this was best device for Olympus at that time.  As technological tools and platforms have developed since then, Olympus has determined that a different approach to the one-to-one program will better serve the students and teachers.  We will now take advantage of more recent developments and trends in educational technology that offer a variety of options to better serve the learning needs and preferences of our students.  

Olympus (and other schools throughout the Eureka Union School District) will adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program starting in the 2017-2018 school year.  This means that families will be able to choose a device to bring to school from a list of recommended devices that meet minimum specifications. 

Our school website should be your primary source of information for everything at Olympus.  Specifically on the Olympus website, our Events Calendar will help you stay up to date with the latest events going on at Olympus.  Our teachers are rolling out brand new websites to better communicate what is happening in their classrooms.  Our students are maximizing their use of Google Apps to efficiently collaborate with their teachers and classmates and manage their work electronically.  We are rolling out a plan to have all homework and classwork assignments "pushed" into student Google calendars - eliminating the outdated paper planner.

Remember, the first school bell rings at 7:45 am and instruction begins at 7:50. School is dismissed at 2:20 pm. District wide collaboration days are Mondays for the purpose of teacher training and planning. Dismissal each MONDAY is at 1:20 pm. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office (782-1667) or email your students' teachers. You can always contact me at We are here to help! 


Sean Healy
Principal, Olympus Jr. High School
2014 ACSA State Co-Administrator of the Year


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