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Being involved on campus is important to having a positive junior high experience. As an 8th grader next year, we will be looking to you to be a role model for our incoming 7th graders. Olympus is looking for leaders who demonstrate one or more of the following qualities: positive communication skills with peers (small or large group settings), leadership potential, responsibility, and a willingness to support others succeed.

There are many ways to get involved on campus, i.e. athletics, book club, art club, O-Show, and the environmental club. You may be looking to get more involved and may want to consider applying for one of the following leadership opportunities:

Stu-Crew Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer

Pursuing one of these leadership opportunities better prepares you for the future. This is an opportunity to highlight who you are as a person and taking the next step in supporting a positive school culture.  Each part of the application process will provide you with valuable skills and experiences. Plus, it will be fun!!

What do Leaders and Officers do?

  • Participate in Leadership Training
  • Run Monthly Meetings
  • Help Lead Fall Character Assembly
  • Plan and Rallies & Lunch on the Quad
  • Plan the Spring Dance

The logo for the Olympus STU-CrewMascot: Spartan
School Colors: Forest Green, Black, White and Grey
Spartan Spirit Teams:Green, Grey, White, Black

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